"It was about a year ago today, I remember sitting in front of my Diabetic consultant hearing him tell me that my blood sugars were out of control, my cholesterol was through the roof and my blood pressure was shocking. It was likely that I would have devastating complications in the future if I did not change my lifestyle. I went though the normal type of trying to change my lifestyle, joined a local gym, where I spent most of the time in the hot tub then the gym and tried to eat healthy. Not really the lifestyle change I needed. When my wife came out of hospital after undergoing chemotherapy she wanted to try Crossfit out and see how it would go. At first I was dubious having seen it online thinking there was no way I would be able to do that. We went to a session at the weekend to see what it looks like and I was surprised at how friendly everyone was, asking if we were looking to join and taking their time out of their training to talk to us about what Crossfit was about and what to expect. After a few intro sessions I got stuck into training and found that I was loving it. How can going into a box (what they call the gym) and giving everything you have into an hours session be so addictive? All the coaches are amazing, they show you how to do all the movements and give you extra help if there are parts that you find you struggle with. As are the other members that also train there, you find people from all backgrounds but with one goal, to better themselves and support others around them. I would recommend everyone from any fitness background to go and give CrossFit Great Stour a try. This was the lifestyle change I needed. Now my blood sugars are in good control, my cholesterol is in a healthy range and my blood pressure is normal. Nikki and Chase should be extremely proud of the community they have built and the lives that they change / save in doing so!"

Sean Teehan


I only joined about 6 weeks ago as I needed that push to lose weight and get fitter. The gym doesn't work for me, so I thought I would give this a go. So glad I did, It's hard work but you get a real sense of achievement when you have finished a session. The coaches are great, friendly and give good advice. They really give me the push I need. The coaches will help you to get your goal. In this short time I'm already seeing the benefits, so is my husband. I've dropped a dress size and I'm feeling more toned and stronger already. All the members I have met are really friendly, they cheer you on and that gives you the encouragement you need to push harder. Then a high five when we have all finished. Even though it's hard work, and the fact I get nervous thinking omg what are we going to be doing today. I keep going back for more. It's addictive, I think it's worth every penny.

Suzy Lane


My role as a Paramedic at times can be very physically demanding, training CrossFit has enabled me to learn how to move safely through compound movements, reducing the risks of injuries incurred from expediently extricating patients. Besides occupational hazards I love the constant challenge where you not only rival other members at the gym, you rival your former self, pushing beyond your previous capabilities. The benefits of training at a CrossFit gym as opposed to a ‘regular’ gym are multi-faceted. To begin with, the staff are passionate about and have extensive training into CrossFit movements, the core exercises focusing around both gymnastic and weight-lifting movements. With proper training from these staff in classes limited to 12 people per workout you will have a keenly trained eye guiding you on how to move appropriately. Alongside this the staff focus on prevention of injuries, you will be educated and encouraged to perform a variety of mobility exercises you’re likely to have never been shown, increasing flexibility and RoM in your ankles and hips, thereby improving your holistic strength in application to real-world cognitive compound movements, for instance lifting a heavy weight from the ground. It is recognised that for the individual trying to lose those pesky pounds, 70% of the issues comes not from exercise, but good nutritional habits. This, unlike other gyms, is provided at CFGS, the staff are passionate about healthy eating and champion the paleolithic diet, giving great tips and tricks behind how to transition into a healthier diet. Alongside this there is a heavy emphasis on both the mitigation and prevention of injuries, as such CFGS has the privilege of an onsite private Osteopath, yoga instructor and Sports massage therapist, where the ever important ‘personal touch’ can be offered. The classes themselves are not for the faint hearted, upon joining I was jokingly told ‘the easier it looks, the harder it is’, I have found this to be upsettingly accurate. Each time you train a different workout will be ominously placed on the board, It is then your responsibility to train as hard as you can, lifting as much as you can to a set time-limit, competing against both yourself and fellow CFGS members. It hurts, but it’s great. Finally all of this passion and expertise are extended by all the friendly CFGS members who will keep you coming back for more.

Jon Haig


I train at CrossFit Great Great Stour because of the amazing support and coaching from the coaches and other members. They really cover for people of all abilities and the top level athletes have really pushed me to improve much more in the last 12 months than I ever did in my previous years of training.
My favourite crossfit movement is the over head squat as I believe it is a great demonstration of both mobility and strength.
Moving to Crossfit Great Stour has been the best decision for my training. I came in 12 months ago after not being able to squat for 4 months due to injury. The focus on mobility and building a foundation of strength before progressing, as well as the healthy competition from other members, has elevated all areas of my training higher than they have been before.

Luke Jones


I joined CrossFit Great Stour a year and a half ago, before that i had been introduced to crossFit 6 months prior but that didnt even scratch the surface! I moved to England from Australia leaving my friends and family behind so I was looking to find a hobby or somthing to keep me busy and meet new people. Little did I know this would become such a big part of my life. I heard about CF and decided to give it a go, but having no other sporting backround and lack of confidence I had no idea where to start and absolutely no idea of my capabilities. The support and encouragement to do well from the coaches and community at CFGS is the best thing about this place and it has gotten me to where I am today! Whether you're training to be a competitive athlete like me, improve your overall fitness or just trying to achieve that summer body you will find whatever it is you need to get you from 'I cant' to 'I can'! I'm not going to lie it has been a bumpy ride for me and theres still a long road and a lot of uncertainty. But to say no is already being defeated so I will continue to push myself and use the excellent help and knowledge from the coaches here to drive me towards my goals. I know its easier said than done but anything is possible if you try, what have you got to lose? It is different for everyone but what stands out when I look back on my first 2 years doing CF is the confidence i have gained, friends i have made and the ability to feel comfortable in my own skin! The sky is your limit. To me that means everything and I can honestly say I have found more than what I was looking for when I first joined CFGS. Its not just a keep fit method for me anymore, its a lifestyle choice that I will follow for the rest of my life. You can get anything you want out of CrossFit, to anyone thinking of joining us or trying it out I'd say give it a go you might just surprise yourself.


Elise Schack


"I can’t remember how I first discovered CrossFit, but I do remember thinking wow that looks amazing. I followed the CrossFit Games (the worldwide event to find the fittest on earth) and was amazed by what these men and women could do. After about 6 months of hearing how CrossFit is for everyone and not just elite athletes and that it helps makes your everyday life better I thought I’d give it a try. At that time the closest ‘box’ to me was about 30 mins away. I went and was checked out by the coach and put through some simple paces. It nearly killed me, the coach pushed me way beyond what I could do, to say it put me off was and understatement (I could barely walk for 3 days). I’m a 40 years old, pretty successful guy, I lead a company and am part of an international business. I travel extensively and make presentation and strategy decisions on a daily basis. I’m the guy that seems to take it all in his stride or that never seems nervous about anything. Well the thought of going back to CrossFit scared me to the point that I didn’t dare try for nearly a year. My motivation was, and remains, the desire to be able to do things with my young kids and to be a role model for them, this kicked in when I heard about CrossFit Great Stour. After exchanging a few emails with Nicola (co-owner) I went for my first introduction. This was totally different to my previous experience. I walked in and was immediately made to feel welcome, everyone saying hi and wishing me luck. The session was lead by Nicola and she explained carefully what we would do and how we would do it. She introduced several of the Olympic Lifts (types of movement using a barbell) and had us practicing using plastic pipes. No weights until the technique is sound is pretty much the law at CFGS. After a few intro sessions which covered the main elements of CrossFit, and the techniques required to be safe and effective I was to take part in the usual CrossFit class. This is an hour session for up to 12 people, usually consisting of some Olympic lifting, gymnastics movements and some metabolic conditioning. This also contains the WOD (workout of the day) this is the part that CrossFit is known for, the part where you measure your time, distance or reps or how much weight you lift etc. This is part where people can really push themselves or challenge what they think they cannot do. It changes daily so one day you might suck but the next you’ll feel like a champion. What surprised (and delighted) me was that the adaptation and acceptance of everyone being different is so well ingrained and established at CrossFit Great Stour that at no time do I feel I cant do what is right for me (we call it scaling the workout) or that I should be doing something someone else is doing. I mentioned I’m 40, but I should also say that I’m not light, 6ft 1” and about 125kg (at the moment), so things are not easy. The other Co-Owner, Chase is one of the fittest people you are every likely to meet, he can move weights and himself in ways and for periods of time that mystify me. Not only is he humble, full of knowledge and more than willing share it, both he and Nicola, find genuine pleasure is seeing us succeed. The other day I was practicing handstands (yes at 40yrs old I can now do a handstand against a wall and hold it there) and when I heard Chases words of encouragement and genuine pleasure in what I was doing, was a boost to say the least. The work you put in is the work you put it. I am not a ‘light’ guy and bodyweight movements are a struggle, I can’t do pull-ups or muscle-ups or handstand push-ups, I can’t climb a rope, when I first started I could barely even squat below parallel. I’m working on my weaknesses and with the help of the excellent coaching staff, Chase and Nicola and of course the community at the box who I now consider friends, I’ll get there eventually. Aside from the physical benefits of CrossFit itself I love the fact that I’m part of this community, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we get serious, we always work hard and together, in different ways we get through it, we get stronger, we get better as individuals and as a community. If you are reading this you are intrigued or interested in CrossFit, if you are reading this I cannot recommend highly enough CrossFit Great Stour and Chase and Nicola! 

Jon Bairam


I cannot Recommend CrossFit Great Stour enough! The spirit and comradeship are second to none. Its like having a personal trainer every session. The coaches are supportive and will push you to be the best you can be but if that is not enough your fellow CrossFitters will fill in the blanks, you will be pushed, cheered and encouraged until the last rep or the last second of your workout. You will meet great people and make friends along the way. You get the real feeling that you are a part of a team. Whilst crossfit can seem daunting to many, especially if you have not used weights before or taken part in such a rigorous workout but don't be put off, everyone started somewhere. It is fully adjustable to work with your strength and to work around limits and injuries. It does not matter whether you have an empty bar or its loaded with 10kg Plates to the max you wont feel any less a part of the group. Knowing your booked in for a session and knowing the people your booked in with will make it enjoyable is what will keep you going. Its easy to let yourself down, not so easy to let down friends and coaches. I have personally taken a break from Crossfit recently and having messages from the coaches asking where I am, whats going on and Why I haven't been at the Box really makes you feel a part of something, no commercial gym would check in on you make sure your ok and encourage you to get back at it. If you want to get fit, loose weight, get stronger, leaner, make friends, have fun CrossFit Great Stour offers all of this and much much more.

Nick Price