Nicola Spean

Co-Owner / Coach


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

British Weightlifting Association Assistant Club Coach

Brand X Youth Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 2 nutritionist

REPs Certified Extreme Kettlebell Instructor

REPs Certified Olympic Weightlifting Instructor

REPs Certified in Self Myofascial Release and Advanced Flexibility

Let me start by telling you my CrossFit journey. On my birthday around 9 ago I collapsed and passed out in a central London restaurant. The emergency services were called and a paramedic arrived.

After I came to, the paramedic spent some time discussing how I felt, why I collapsed, my lifestyle, diet etc. I had already been diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure & was taking medication to try to control it. It was there in that restaurant that I first learnt about CrossFit when the paramedic showed me the YouTube video “What is CrossFit” and I immediately knew I would love it- it was made for me! I spent the next two months pretty much in bed suffering with an extremely bad virus that had left me exhausted and poorly. I joined my local CrossFit & have never looked back.

After a few months of CrossFit I was taken off all medication and no longer had high blood pressure. My doctor asked me how I had done it. It was then my turn to get YouTube up on my phone and show the video “what is CrossFit”. My doctor could not believe it. He asked if I could spend any free time I had in his waiting room telling his patients about CrossFit!!

It was a natural progression that my love of CrossFit turned into a love for coaching. As a coach, and an affiliate owner I want the best for our members, each person has had a different journey and is on a different journey but through the CrossFit methodology we can all strive for one purpose, to forge elite fitness for everyone. For some people they may want to achieve a perfect sit up for others it’s the holy grail muscle up. I want our members to come and train, come for a cup of coffee and come to be part of our CrossFit community. I want everyone to feel welcome, included and to be able to train in a safe and supportive facility.

To both CFGS members & non members I offer tailored one to one nutrition coaching through Nutrition by Niks. I can help clients with weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition & food relationships.



Are you ready to start your CrossFit journey? We'd love to answer any questions you have and to welcome you at our gym.