Chase Coles

Co-Owner / Head Coach

I am proud to have served in my county regiment, The 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment for 6 years. I served on various peacekeeping and combat operations across the globe including Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Iraq.

I was introduced to CrossFit back in 2011 and I have been completely hooked and followed the CrossFit methodology of training ever since.
CrossFit has also had a huge impact on myself in terms of my physical capabilities, work capacity and my physical and mental wellbeing. It has completely changed my life and I’m still learning and progressing. I continue to achieve and find that element within myself that makes me be stronger, faster and work harder in my quest to achieve all in which I am capable of. CrossFit to me, is the most rewarding and satisfying way to train.
In my eyes CrossFit is the true path to physical and mental excellence.

Having previously operated as a PT, early on I witnessed first hand the success and results that CrossFit had in the health and wellbeing of my clients. Over the years I have trained and worked with individuals from all walks of life, professions and backgrounds. This includes some of which that had been medically informed that they would not be able to move and function correctly again without pain or discomfort due to incurred injury or illness. These individuals refused to accept this and Included cancer patients, amputees, hip replacements, knee replacements, visually impaired and individuals that had suffered broken necks and backs. I programmed CrossFit for these clients and it was astounding to me, themselves and others to see their abilities drastically improve and to see them achieve what they’d been previously advised would not be possible. Breaking the rules for what was considered the norm.

In my experience CrossFit has enabled a path to some life changing results in my clients and it’s these results that inspired me to set up a CrossFit Affiliate in my home county of Kent. The mission was to bring CrossFit to the local community of Ashford and to positively impact as many peoples lives as possible.

Fast forward almost a decade and we now bring CrossFit to over 200 members ranging in age from 3-80. We are truly blessed to be able to do the job we do and to be surrounded by such an amazing community of people, all supporting each other and who are on the same mission. We witness daily the hard work, dedication and results achieved by our members.


REPs Level 3 Advanced Master Trainer Diploma

British Weightling Certified Club Coach

Certification inc. Lifestyle Management, Anatomy and Physiology

Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Brand X Method Youth Coach

REPs Level 3 Sports Nutrition, Weight Management and Corrective Exercise Practitioner

REPs Certified in Self Myofascial Release and Advanced Flexibility


2012 WCCF Podium Finish

2013 London Throwdown Athlete

2013 Gorilla Warfare Podium Finish

2013 WCCF Podium Finish

2014 Battle of London Athlete

2014 Battle of the Gods Podium Finish

2015 The Athlete Games Athlete

2015 Reebok French Throwdown Team Athlete

2015 Battle of the Gods podium Finish

2016 Battle of the Boxes Team Athlete

2017 European Championships Athlete

2018 European Championships Masters Athlete

2019 CrossFit AGQF

2020 CrossFit Sanctionals Athlete, Strength In Depth, Podium Finish

2020 CrossFit AGQF



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