CFGS Kids CrossFit

CFGS Kids (Ages 6-9)

In our kids classes the fun and games from our minis classes is still top priority, to create engagement and enjoyment. We continue to challenge your kid’s movement and create physical, mental and social growth as they become older. The Brand-X Method allows us to effectively and safely do this. The Brand X Method is a comprehensive, next-generation fitness framework designed to deliver physical literacy over the life course, preventing injuries, improving sports performance, and keeping you active and engaged for a lifetime. We separate our kids into two classes on the basis of age and ability. This is important socially and physically as kids can grow and change so much in these developmental years. This allows their individual needs and goals to be met, rather than a “one size fits all” approach. We teach your kids more foundational movements that are vital in athletic performance and physical health, and we start to use very light external loads to develop safe movement patterns, for example a PVC pipe to simulate a barbell. By training in this way, sporting development will increase in all areas, not just CrossFit.

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