About Us

About us

World Class Coaching

We believe that the way you train is as important as where you train and the community that you train within, based in Ashford, Kent we offer you a gym where you feel welcome, included and part of our team.

It’s more fun to work out with friends than on your own! CrossFit is for everybody from a 75 year old Grandad to an 18 year old girl that has only ever done her school PE classes. Age is just a number: feel ageless with increased strength, mobility, energy levels and bone density. We have a diverse membership group from builders, teachers and first time Mums to semi professional athletes, solicitors and retired business owners.

CrossFit Great Stour offers personal training in a supportive group environment. The key differences between us and a traditional gym are the level of personal service, how much you feel part of CrossFit Great Stour and how you see results both physically and mentally. Our class sizes are small and every time you come into a class you are being coached from start to finish. You’ll begin with mobilisation & a warm up, specific to the WOD (Workout Of the Day). Workouts are written up on a board, your coach will then breakdown and demonstrate the WOD explaining and coaching you through each movement. During the workout your coach will closely monitor your technique, ensuring that you are getting the most from your training.

Our head coach, Chase designs the programme using the CrossFit Methodology combined with his personal knowledge of our members, ensuring it is scalable to meet your abilities. Because of both the way we coach and this unique programme design, your time spent training will be efficient, meaning you will get maximum results in the minimum amount of time – the perfect way to reach your goals!

our methodology

The CrossFit Great Stour Promise

The benefits to both your mental and physical health have no boundaries. Become the best version of yourself with our support.

Become fit for life

Gain confidence physically and mentally

Improve your health

Become faster, stronger and leaner

Experienced world-class coaches

A welcoming community of like-minded individuals

Supportive and encouraging atmosphere

Personal training in a supportive group environment

Mixed ability classes where everyone is welcome

Structured and tailored programming



Are you ready to start your CrossFit journey? We'd love to answer any questions you have and to welcome you at our gym.