You don’t have to be fit to start, in fact most people aren’t - they are just people like you and me who have got bored with their gym, fed up with being overweight or want to get fitter & healthier for medical reasons or just to look good naked!!


Maybe you have stopped seeing results or want to try something new. Maybe you are bored and stuck in a routine, your training has  plateaued & you are lacking motivation. Maybe your doctor has told you to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and you are unsure of where to start. 

You need to make that first step, come in & watch a class, have a chat about what YOU want and WE can tell & show you how you can achieve it. 

You can of course bring a friend along, even two, we love meeting new people. We totally get that CrossFit may be something you have never heard of, it might be a bit intimidating (the unknown always is right)? Get in contact, pop down for a cuppa & a chat. So you’ve had a chat, you loved Crossfit and you want to join, what next? Don’t worry…….its a smooth process and an easy one too.

If you are not already an experienced CrossFitter then you will take part in our induction process. On our schedule this is called Introduction to CrossFit. This is such an important part of your training and is the very start of learning how to execute the basic movements of CrossFit for example, how to squat, deadlift or press a weight overhead. The induction process is a great opportunity to make friends and feel more comfortable in your new gym environment before taking part in regular classes.

Our introduction to CrossFit is included in your first months membership fee.  We believe that if we spend time with you at this very important time, the start of your CrossFit training, you will become a better, stronger and more determined CrossFitter. The induction process is a great opportunity to make friends and feel more comfortable in your new gym environment before taking part in regular classes. 

Please check out our rates page for more details on our prices and the programs we offer.